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Why Kardopal is the best Retail Solution?

World’s First Retail Management All in One APP

Explore unlimited features of the APP

  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Membership
  • Advanced Reporting
  • SUNMI Based
  • O2O

Multi Channel O2O

Multi-channel membership registration, more convenient to consume points

  • Best Customer experience 
  • The member points are integrated with the POS system, and the customer just reports the phone number.
  • A variety of membership registration methods
  • Supports merchant registration and entry of members, 
  • Custom consumption points
  • According to the set rules, each consumption is automatically scored, and each customer has a complete score record.


Member data page, let you know your guests better

  • Whether it is before the sale, during the checkout, or at the checkout, you can easily check the member information.
  • Statistics of the member’s list of purchased products can be known at a glance, and the commonly used purchase preferences are clear. 
  • Spending powerInstantly check the number and frequency of customers’ purchases, so that regular customers are not forgotten and new customers are not ignored.

Smart Reports

Smart Report Like no Others!

  • View the new customer records of the day every day, and easily grasp the list of new customers who have spent the first time.
  • At any time, you can pull out the list of guests who have not come to consume for half a year, and can also analyze by the number of consumption
  • No need to think about the audience conditions, just upload the list of regular customers, AI automatically helps you find customers and saves half of advertising costs.

New Customer = Repeated Customer

Smart Report Like no Others!

  • Give members more rights and incentives to store value and lock in customer loyalty.
  • Set recharge gradients based on customer unit price and consumption frequency to differentiate customer consumption scenarios.
  • Online stored-value store consumption and store-stored-value mall consumption continue to attract traffic to stores.