Revolutionary, Like nothing Came before!

Kardopal Mobile APP

Connect customers, Store Shopping, warehouses, finance, and management decisions through Revolutionary Mobile APP

Modern CRM System

Seamless connection and Interaction of Store & Customer

Online & Offline Marketing

Marketing activities, member stored value pointsCommodity inventory data exchange

Supply Chain Management

Manage Business in Realtime from Supply Chain to End User

Retail APP Like no Other

Operation + Order

Ordering + operation provides the most convenient operation for employees

Food order, POS cashier, takeaway order and member CRM

All functions in one Place, allowing management anytime, anywhere

Service at your Fingerprints

The united way to find specialist services

It is still too slow to enter the handwritten form and then go back to the counter!

Kardopal smart handheld ordering system, zero seconds for field communication

Immediately print the menu after ordering, while the kitchen immediately prepares the order


Member, Considerable Service!

Members enjoy exclusive rights, let customers come again!

Support store members on-site points and other services through NFC technology

Support member points query, coupons, discounts, points redemption