Multi-channel member registration, more convenient consumption points

  • Membership points are integrated with the POS system,and customers just need to report their phone numbers
  • Support merchant registration and entry of members, and scan code registration
  • Customized consumption is automatically integrated, and each customer has a complete record of points

Comprehensive Membership Dashboard, Understand guest better

  • Inquire at any time! Whether it is before sales, cash register, or checkout, you can easily view member information
  • You can see the list of products purchased by members at a glance, and the frequently used purchase preferences are clear.
  • Check the number and frequency of customers’ purchases in real time, so that regular customers will not be forgotten, and new customers will not be ignored.

Smart report, who knows how long you haven’t been here

  • Look who’s first time! Every day, you can check the new customer record of the day, and easily grasp the list of new customers who spend for the first time.
  • Tell me who didn’t come back.At any time, the list of guests who have not come to spend for half a year can be pulled out, and it can also be analyzed by the number of consumption.
  • Save 50% on new media advertising.No need to think hard about selecting audience conditions, just upload the list of regular customers, automatically finds customers for you, saving half of the advertising cost.

Store value for members, turning new customers into repeat customers

  • Member consumption stickiness increased. Give members more incentives to store value and lock in customer loyalty.
  • Multi-level recharge gradientSet the recharge gradient according to the customer unit price and consumption frequency to differentiate customer consumption scenarios
  • Online and offline balance exchange. Consumption at online stored-value stores and consumption at store-stored value malls continue to attract traffic to stores.
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Full Discount on Purchase
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Group Purchase
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Report analysis helps you “open source and reduce expenditure”

Reports are not just about accounts, professional use of reports can find out more profitable opportunities in operations. Kardopal simplifies the reports of international enterprises, so that professional analysis can be made without professional training. Easily grasp and find out opportunities to make money. Provide a series of store sales analysis, commodity inventory analysis, commodity analysis, sales period analysis, sales gross profit analysis, and provide data analysis methods for store operations