Retail POS Cashier System, Digital O2O store management

Simplify work and increase sales efficiently.

invoicing management

Real-time and accurate data of human and property

Online and offline marketing

Marketing Activities, Membership Points, Commodity inventory data exchange

24 hours operation without closing

online shop, Let every store have an online store

Retail POS Cashier

More flexible functions, the operation “simplifies the complexity”.

Regardless of sales receipt, discount gift, payment checkout, printing receipt,Every link is meticulously simplified, simpler and more powerful.

  • Support sales, gifts, returns, pending orders, value-added services and other payment methods.
  • Support two input modes: scan code input and touch screen selection.
  • Support multiple package specifications, automatic calculation of basic unit, medium package and large package.

Multi Channel O2O

Multi-channel membership registration, more convenient to consume points

  • Best Customer experience 
  • The member points are integrated with the POS system, and the customer just reports the phone number.
  • A variety of membership registration methods
  • Supports merchant registration and entry of members, 
  • Custom consumption points
  • According to the set rules, each consumption is automatically scored, and each customer has a complete score record.


Member data page, let you know your guests better

  • Whether it is before the sale, during the checkout, or at the checkout, you can easily check the member information.
  • Statistics of the member’s list of purchased products can be known at a glance, and the commonly used purchase preferences are clear. 
  • Spending powerInstantly check the number and frequency of customers’ purchases, so that regular customers are not forgotten and new customers are not ignored.

Smart Reports

Smart Report Like no Others!

  • View the new customer records of the day every day, and easily grasp the list of new customers who have spent the first time.
  • At any time, you can pull out the list of guests who have not come to consume for half a year, and can also analyze by the number of consumption
  • No need to think about the audience conditions, just upload the list of regular customers, AI automatically helps you find customers and saves half of advertising costs.
World’s Most High Performance POS APP

Finally a POS DESKTOP APP WHICH IS TRUE IOT DEVICE & Fully Compatible with SUNMI Desktop Device

Compatibility at its Best with SUNMI Devices

Desktop POS | CPU 8× | 15,6″ LCD | 4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM | Wi-Fi, BT | 80mm printer, cutter | Speaker | 5× USB, 1× RJ11, 1× RJ12 | Micro SD | Android 9

Desktop POS – 15.6″ LCD display and 10.1″ LCD Customer Display, 2GB RAM/8GB ROM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 58mm printer, Speaker, 4x USB, Micro SD, Android 7.1.

Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core processor, 2GB Ram / 16GB ROM, Wifi and Bluetooth. (5 x USB, 1 x RJ11, 1 x RJ12, 1 x RJ45, 1 x Audio, 1 x Power, 1 x Micro-USB debug