Revolutionize your Business with Kardopal Catering Solutions

Multi Store / Restaurant Management

Chain Restaurent Management

Operate and Monitor your Chain Store anywhere and expand easily using Multi-Store/Restaurant

  • Chain Management/Regional Management
  • Analyze and Monitor Business Reports Anytime & Anywhere
  • Set Rules for each Region or Store
Automated Workflow based on QR(Release in Q1, 2023)

Advanced Automation

Reduced labor force and error by taking advantage of advanced workflow from QR Ordering to delivery

  • Automatic Table QR Ordering from Table to Kitchen
  • Reduce Labor Cost and Focus on Food Service

Advanced Report

Accurate reports, Accurate analysis of Loss at any point and anywhere in the business

  • See & Monitor New and Old Customers instantly
  • Analyze and Monitor customers who did not come back
  • Ai Customer finding without the need for high cost advertising